Family life today can be difficult for children, and parents. According to a survey from Pew Research, nearly a quarter of children in the United States live in single parent households. While children generally do fine in single parent households, it presents additional concerns and stress on the one parent.

In a two parent household, the parents can share the responsibilities of parenting which can be categorized as providing nurturing or structure. While parenting is not the easiest job in the world, having two parents working with their children is an easier task. In single parent households all of the responsibilities fall on the one parent. With concerns about finances, health, nutrition and education, the one parent has a tremendous number of things to be focused on in order to properly care for children. Sometimes the single parent needs a little help, and that is where Maryland Mentor can lend a helping hand.

In a typical single parent household, and even in most two parent households, during the day children are in school and parents are at work. This means that the evening is the time for dinner, homework, counseling and dozens of other typical tasks pertaining to parenting and family. Many times, people don’t have enough time available to work with children on some of the tasks.

Maryland Mentor is here to help parents work with their children. We can help with children of all ages in a wide range of areas. We offer tutoring services if you child is having difficulty in school. We can provide assistance to teens looking for career and college advice. We have also helped parents by being a sounding board to children if they just want to talk about things that are troubling them from bullying to overcoming shyness.

The best thing is our service is free of charge to families. If you are able, we do accept donations for services we provide, however it is not mandatory. Also, we do accept donations from businesses and foundations to help in our mission. If you want any additional information, please feel free to contact us via the About Us/Contact Us page.