About Us

Being a single parent and living in a single parent household can be difficult and challenging. When I was eight years old my father left my mother and I, and suddenly our world had changed. While I did see my father periodically, my life before eight was a lot different than my life after eight. It was different for me, and definitely different for my mom!

While my mom worked hard to provide a good home life for me, it was difficult for her being a sole financial provider. But with hard work and love she was able to provide everything that I needed to have a great upbringing and gave me the start I needed to become an adult.

Now that I am adult, with a family of my own, I can really appreciate everything that my mom did to help me as I grew. I was fortunate that I had my own mentor in my Uncle Tony. He was always there to help my mom in molding me through my teen years, college and into adulthood. He provided guidance on my school work, gave me some interpersonal advice, provided me with advice on how to get a job and into the school of my choice, and gave me the occasional kick in the backside when I slacked off at school or was a mouthy teen and wasn’t listening to my mom. Unfortunately, not everyone has an Uncle Tony to be a mentor and role model like I did, and that is why we started Maryland Mentor.

At Maryland Mentor we provide services that are modeled after my Uncle. We are here to help mentor young people by helping with school, with getting along with others, with college advice and other help needed by young adults. If you have a question or suggestion we are here to help.

Maryland Mentor Staff:

Joseph Singleton – Founder

Annie Singleton – Co-Founder

Youth Mentor Staff:

Anthony Rollins

Elaine McIntyre

Teen Mentor Staff:

Marie Benton

Brent Meadows

Senior Citizen Mentors:

Tony Singleton

Katherine Lawrence