Senior Citizens as Mentors

We all have qualities and knowledge that we have accumulated over the years. Either from personal experience or work history, people gain important knowledge that can be shared with others. This is especially true with senior citizens. Once you have retired you are taking decades of experiences, both personally and professionally, to the sidelines.

We think it is a shame that senior citizens are keeping their experiences and knowledge to themselves. Retired people have an abundant amount of information that they have accumulated over their lifetime. It was our opinion that this information, as well as the seniors that have this knowledge, are being wasted by sitting idle. Because of this untapped source of information that was just sitting there, we have decided to bring them aboard and put them to work.

Over the past few years, we have brought a few retired senior citizens into Maryland Mentors and put their vast knowledge to good use. Presently we have Tony and Kate joining our mentoring program. We have partnered them with some teens from the local community center and the results have been outstanding.

Tony and Kate have been working with high school aged students and have been giving them information and suggestions on career paths that they might want to take. Our senior citizens have been working for over forty years in different professions and positions. This vast knowledge that they own has been helpful in mentoring with the kids.

One such experience that Kate had with a teen named Alison. Alison was unsure what she wanted to do when she left high school. She was from a single-family household and they did not have money to send her to college. What Kate did was work with Allie and found out that she was interested in nursing. Kate went to work in researching nursing schools in the area and worked with Allie on getting scholarships and grants to pay for the schooling. Right now, Allie is in her second year, and so far is loving it!

With the success we have had utilizing senior citizens as mentors, we are looking to add more retired mentors to help with our teens.