Mentoring Teens

In today’s world teenagers face a wide range of challenges and potential dangers. They need to deal with everything from cyberbullying to the dangers of drug use and abuse. They also are faced with choices that could have an impact on their future lives. In times like these, teenagers need all the help they can get!

Your typical teen does not listen to their parents all the time. Because of this it is important that they have someone that they can talk with about their problems or act as a sounding board on what is going on with their life. It could be how to deal with conflict with others, how to study properly or even talking about what life after high school might look like. With being faced with questions like these it is important that teenagers know that they are not facing them alone.

Not being alone is the important thing that we try to pass along to our mentees. It is important for teenagers to know that they have someone to turn to when they have questions or problems. Ideally parents and family should be the first source of information and guidance, but due to family situations they may not be able to provide the help needed. This is where Maryland Mentor can help.

For several years we have made our services available for teens. Through the community center we are there for in person talks usually three days a week. We talk about different topics that are important to teens. We have talked about the dangers of cyberbullying, what you should say no to drugs, what to do if you are harassed, how to prepare for life after high school, preparing for college and much more. We also do offer one-on-one talks with teens who feel more comfortable in a controlled setting as opposed to a larger group.

The important thing to remember is that we are here to help. If you are a teen that needs to talk with someone or if you are a parent that is overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn, we are here to help!