Mentoring Youth

Children of all ages can use some guidance and assistance in times of trouble. If parents are available to offer help, or are not in a position of offer help, young children don’t have any place to turn for help. In situations like this a mentor can be a useful person to act as a sounding board to answer questions that children may have.

Maryland Mentor provides such services to children that have situations where they need assistance. We provide mentoring help to local children in a variety of ways. First, in association with the local community center we are there three days a week to talk with the children about issues that can be a source of trouble for young children. These are primarily for elementary and middle school aged children and we have covered issued like bullying, the importance of education, internet safety and much more.

Another way we provide services is with one-on-one counseling. Some younger children are reluctant to talk about problems in a group setting, and we certainly understand how they feel. In conjunction with the community center and local churches we can set aside some time to talk with the children and see how we can help. If we can’t solve the problem ourselves, we will come up with a plan that will seek an appropriate solution.

Finally, we also offer tutoring and other educational services. Children learn at different paces. Some get things right away and have no problems in school. Other children have problems learning either because of learning disabilities or not having good study habits. Sometimes it’s just as simple as finding a good spot to study and do homework. After all, doing homework in front of the television may cause distractions and hinder a child’s learning. Instead maybe doing homework at a desk or table may be a better alternative.

Parents are the first line of help for children in everyday life. But sometimes due to circumstances beyond their control it may not be enough. This is where Maryland Mentor can help play a role in your child’s life. After all, any help your child gets can be useful.